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The 5 Tips to Win Your Next Round of Golf

You know what they say about golf right? You play the course, not the opponent! This means that in order to win, you need to know how well your skill set aligns (or doesn't align) with the course. These 5 tips are designed to help you prepare to finally beat your significant other, that amateur golfer in your league or frankly, yourself, in your next round!

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5 Tips To Win Your Next Round of Golf

  1. Study the course the night before. You can't win a round of golf without studying the course the night before. (Heads up: this doesn't have to do with the fact that you're a beginner; every pro golfer studies the course the before playing it!) Check out the course on the website. Review hole distances and check out placement of the hole on each hole before teeing off.

  2. Know your clubs - really well. In order to play your strengths against a course, you'll need to know your best most consistent clubs. And which clubs give you the most trouble. Of course, this could change on a daily basis if you're a beginner, which means, when you start warming up (see #4 below), play close attention to how much control you have over each club, and therefore your ball placement with each club. Knowing your clubs really well, also means knowing the distance you can hit the ball using each club. If you know how which clubs are your most consistent and how far you can hit the ball with each club, you can presumably, pick a club and place the ball the distance that you want it to go. Knowing your clubs is probably the first most important step to getting really good at the game of golf. It takes time. And it takes practice.

  3. Play smart. Have you ever heard the quote "Take the shot you know you can make, not the one you think you can make". For example: think you can make it over the water, but certain you can land it left of the pond and work your way around? Don't let ego interrupt your win! (lol!) You can attempt a shot over the pond any day, but on this day, if you want to win, you should take the shots you know you can make. In other words, when you review the course, and your clubs you'll need to be smart about your shot placement. Number 2 - knowing your clubs - is also key to this; the distance you can hit the ball using each club, and which specific clubs you feel solid with that day will help you put the ball where you need it go.

  4. Prepare like a pro athlete. Pro golfers don't typically show up at a course and start playing at their tee time although it seems like that sometimes on TV. In reality, they often spend an hour or two warming up with practice shots of all kinds (driving, chipping, and putting). And from every type of grass, placement that they could encounter. They practice all sorts of odd, unusual shots, and certainly the shots that have been giving them trouble. Plus, they prepare food and water for the round. If you're playing golf for 2-4 hours (9-18 holes) you likely won't be able to stay focused without keeping your body on track. In essence: make sure you've done what you need to do in order to stay focused and limber out on the course without distraction for the next four hours.

  5. Stay calm. Golf can be really, really frustrating - especially when you're at the point where you want to start competing. But the truth is, don't fight yourself out there. Instead, stay calm and play to your strengths - which when you're a beginner might vary day-to-day. For example, maybe your 8 iron doesn't feel right so pick up a 7 or even a hybrid. Work with yourself out there and stay calm!

PRO TIP: Play/walk the course before hand. In case you weren't familiar with the PGA/LPGA tours, they operate in 4 day tournaments Thursday-Sunday. But Wednesdays are the key to their game, because pro golfers have all day on Wednesday to play/walk the course. They test out different grass textures, practice bunker shots, read greens and essentially see if the ball does what they want it to do or try out different clubs until they can control their ball placement. From there they can make adjustments to their game as needed in order to compete in the upcoming days. If time permits it, you should also try to spend time on the course before your competitive round.

There you have it!

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These 5 tips are the best advise I have when your goal is to win. But honestly, the best, best, best advice I have is probably #2 on the list up there: know your clubs - really well. If you don't feel that you do, check out this post on a beginner's guide to golf clubs. It'll help you learn your clubs really quickly!

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