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The 5 Most Important Basics To Your Golf Swing

If you’ve been following along on my blog then you already know that my belief is that golf is about the adventure you have out on the golf course; the people, the unexpected, the challenges, the laughs, the summer nights!

If you’re new around here, then I’ll share it again golf is not about being the "perfect golfer".

In fact, I genuinely believe that the “perfect golfer” doesn’t exist!

Only the creative golfer exists.

Only the golfer who knows their unique swing so well that it’s effortless.

And once it’s down, it’s the same swing for every single club.

That pretty much makes your golf swing your most golfing important asset!

Now, believe it or not, strategies/tips for a golf swing has actually been the most requested post for this community.

So, here we go - the 5 most important basics to your golf swing!

Oh, and this post comes with access to a free golf swing video on hacks for ALL of these - so you can prepare for your next round with ease! Click below and sign up to have the link sent straight to your inbox.

The 5 Most Important Basics To Your Golf Swing

1. Be consistent with your grip! There are three widely popular types of grips: Overlapping, Interlocking, and Baseball grip. Make sure that you’re consistent! If you’re interested in learning more about these 3 including the specific positions, make sure you pick up the free video below that focused on 5 hacks to support the 5 basics you’re reading about here now. Click here and the link will be sent to you ASAP.

2. Set-up in relation to the golf ball. Your stance. This is a fun one, because it's not about the swinging motion directly, but it will directly impact how well you make contact with the ball. And honestly, it's one of the first thing most instructors will teach you! In short, your feet will be placed at different points depending on the distance you need to go.

  • Driver and any club off the tee: align the tee/golf ball with your front foot. This gives you power and leverage with your longest, lightest club (driver) to launch (drive) you further down the course. (Left if you're a righty and right if you're a lefty!)

  • Irons, woods and wedges in the fairway/hazard/out of bounds: align the golf ball with your belly button! This means your feet are shoulder width apart and you'll have a foot on either side of the golf ball.

  • The Green: Although not directly related to your golf swing (because you don't swing on the putting green - you putt on the putting green) your feet are pretty much together or just about one fist length apart.

The 5 Most Important Basics To Your Golf Swing (continued)

3. Hinge from the hips. Your posture. Your posture is key to getting your swing on the correct plane. We want to avoid swinging the club like a baseball player, or even a hockey player. And you can’t be standing perfectly straight either. In other words, your posture is truly what dictates your ability to make contact and to maximize power at impact out on the golf course. Here's how we get you the ideal posture for a golf swing:

  • Stand up straight. Nice and tall.

  • Next, bend your knees slightly (remove any tension) and fold forward from the hips - like a hinge. Hinge at the hips until your arms fall naturally downward.

  • Now, that is your body placement for a maximum impact golf swing! It should feel similarly to how your body feels when you lean up against a bar stool. Ideally, if you have a club in hand, or nearby, the bottom of the club is flat on the ground from toe to heel (front to back).

  • As you hinge at the hips, remember you want to keep your back straight, and your head lifted. Core power!

4. Isolate, and rotate your shoulders from side to side. It often looks like golfers are swinging their arms, but they're not! They're actually using their core to turn their shoulders from side to side. It's almost like a twisting crunch - elbow to opposite knee. That same rotation sensation, and with the correct posture, this rotation therefore allows the best in power and the proper swing along a diagonal plane.

5. Finishing pose. Don't try and "hit the ball". Instead make your full swing a big movement and hit your finishing pose! Even if it doesn’t feel perfect mid-swing persist and finish! If you give up half-way and don’t hit your finishing pose this means that you’ll get less than 100% less in your contact with the ball. In other words, you ball flight will give up just like you did! On the flip side, if you finish the swing, even if it doesn’t feel ideal, you’ll still give yourself the change to launch the ball!

RECAP: The 5 Most Important Basics To Your Golf Swing

We're going to do this recap a little differently today, because I think I found a visual that will help you even more! :) Here is a picture of Jordan Speith (a PGA golfer) at the top of his swing!

What's great about this shot is that you can see all 5 basics captured so perfectly!

  1. Grip: Interlocking (though known for being somewhat unique for an interlocking grip).

  2. The ball is aligned off of his front left foot. (He's a righty so it's aligned with his left foot, and he's hitting off the tee rather than from the fairway.)

  3. He's hinging from the hips; his knees are slightly bent.

  4. His shoulders are rotated to face the camera while his back is towards where he’s aiming. (Core power - literally his core will power the ball flight!)

  5. His movement is nice and big - it looks like the ball is just going to get in the way of his swing. Not that he's trying to "hit the ball". And if he’s shown anything while he’s playing it’s that he’ll likely landed solidly on his finishing pose.

There you have it!

Hope this helps with the basics to your golf swing! And truthfully, it's really helped me to think about a creating a beautiful movement that ball sort of gets in the way of!

Don’t forget the video that goes with this blog post — for 5 hacks to practice with all of these! It’s the exact same 5 hacks I used to help me join a women’s golf league within 6 months of picking up a club! Click below and it'll be sent to you ASAP!

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