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Sydney Elizabeth Golf

One of the biggest challenges in golf is honestly finding women's clothes, which is why I was happy to discover Sydney Elizabeth Golf !

Sydney Elizabeth Golf is a fresh, young, bright, preppy female yet feminine golf clothing line, designed by Sydney Elizabeth; a former college golfer, and Virginia native. Similarly to my experience, Sydney Elizabeth had a difficult time finding cute golf clothes. This is why she started the line after college.

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Comprised of skirts (skorts), polos, and also hats! The skirts can be purchased at different lengths including country club length, for when it is required. And as you can see pictured above, the clothing is form fitting so as not to break any rules for the course.

As a result, you'll for sure be less likely to run into wardrobe malfunctions with this line which will also certainly help you focus on your golf game!

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In case you didn't know, golf clothes are typically designed so that skirts don't move with the wind (like a tennis skirt) or have any real movement to them basically. Due to this, it leaves female golfers with long, form fitting skirts. Or as you'll see on the LPGA Tour, shorts or pants. To compound the problem, the most popular color not too long ago was Khaki - if you can call Khaki a color? I've found this (long, form fitting skirts in Khaki with a polo shirt) to be the least feminine outfit I've ever put on! And it 100% made me feel uncomfortable out on the course. Luckily, the lines like the Sydney Elizabeth Golf line were designed just as I entered the sport. Her hope is to...

Inspire girls both young and old to chase after their dreams. It can take you places you’ve never imagined possible.

Looking for the items pictured above? I've got your back: The Lennox Skort// The Ophelia Skort // SE Hat in Blue/White // The Pink Seersucker Skort // The Skylar Popover in Petal Pink

Finally, most of the clothing line is sold in various country clubs throughout the country. There are no major vendors selling the products. For that reason, you'll likely have the more luck purchasing online her website!

What do you all think? Preppy enough style for you? :)

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