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I’m Florence and I was the last in my family to learn how to swing a club! (lol!) My granddad was an avid player and my dad was often his caddie. My mom learned to play golf young and still enjoys it today. Both of my brothers grew up playing with their friends. And my sister was a caption on the girls’ golf team in High School! I had no girlfriends interested in the sport and I was just about 29 before I learned to hold a club.

The real story is that I only learned the sport because I had several bosses ask me if I played. Company golf leagues are a real thing, did you know? (lol!) But after just a year of learning and practicing, I formed a small but incredibly fun women’s golf league.

And, I even started playing on my own.It was after attending TPC Dell Technologies PGA tournament, on Labor Day weekend this year (2017), that I decided that I’m fully in love with this sport! :)


My hope with this blog, Fairway Tee, is not only to inspire more women to get involved in the sport but to create a sense of inclusiveness and accessibility around golf, that for a variety of reasons, this sport has been lacking. Even to form online community who share my love of the game! Furthermore, I hope to use this blog (which I write in my free time!) to provide me with a creative outlet to share my experiences/lessons learned. In case you're new around here, below are my top posts hand picked based on this community’s feedback - I hope you'll enjoy them too!

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5. 4 Reasons Hybrids (Clubs) Are A Girl’s Best Friend on the Golf Course

And before I go, I wanted to ask, are you new to golf? I was SO anxious for my first round that I created a checklist so that I fit in with the regulars! If you want a free copy, click below to sign-up and it’ll be sent to you ASAP!

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I'm Florence, and I encourage women to play golf! Feel welcome to reach out to me directly, here.

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