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How to Pack a Golf Bag

Has it ever been your turn to tee off and you realized that you don't have tee ready to go?

So, you try quickly search every single pocket on your golf bag looking for one? ...But of course, only after you already told your playing partners to swap the order.If you have, I feel you. I've been there too! Playing with serious golfers is serious business, and I hated being the one to slow everyone down.

...If you haven't, great! And this post will save you from ever having to be in this position! Because how you pack your golf bag is actually a pretty key competent to your golf game. It might seem a bit surprising, because golf really only requires balls, tees, and clubs.

But the sport itself is actually physically and mentally demanding; you end up on the golf course for somewhere between 2 and 4 hours depending on the amount of holes you play. So, a well organized golf bag can help you stay focused, keep hunger at bay, move faster down the course and prevent you (and/or your fellow golfers) from becoming frustrated during your round!

Really once your golf bag is arranged, it can help you make it through to a win, and survive any struggle.

In this post, we'll cover all of the questions that will inevitably arise regarding how to actually pack a golf bag! :)

By the way, if you're haven't already read this post on what to pack specifically, you should.

Oh, and there's a free checklist to go with it!

Alright, let's break it down!


  • Dividers on top of your bag. The dividers on top of your golf bag, in case you don't know, are for your clubs. Many years ago, golf bags didn’t have dividers, and caddies would select and hand you a club. Today, there are many more people playing who don’t have the luxury of (or need for) a caddie! So, the dividers on top help keep your clubs organized making you able to move down the course quickly. Bags can be designed with 4, 6, 10, 14, or 15 holes separated by dividers. Everyone will have advice on how to organize your clubs within these dividers, but here’s what’s worked for me:

  • Walking the course: place your shortest clubs in the back compartment (the compartment closest to you when you're carrying the bag). These include 7, 8 and 9 irons, as well as your pitching wedge and sand wedge. They are the heaviest clubs so if they are further from you the bag will be harder to manage. The longer, lighter clubs, can go in the front/first compartment. And your mid-length clubs can go in the middle! These typically include 3 to 6 irons, and your 2 iron.

  • Riding the course (driving a golf cart): If you’re riding the course, reverse the above order, that way you can find the shorter clubs faster, without digging through the taller clubs!

  • Velcro tab. You should notice a very small piece of Velcro just beneath the dividers. For ages, I had no idea what this was for until a friend explained to me that it’s actually for your glove! If you don’t wear your glove during putting, and/or don’t have back pockets you have the option of velcro-ing it! Easy on and easy off.

  • Plastic/metal ring. From what I’ve seen this is most commonly used to hang a wrist wallet or a golf towel! But you can totally get creative! :)

  • Shallow pockets at the top. Balls and tees will be the thing you need the most, so I recommend using this pockets for them. They are easy access pockets. I'd also include my score card, and pencil there too.

  • Pockets along the side. Lots and lots of pocket options for everything else. There are no rules for all of your non-essential, essential items in terms of storing them except one that I follow religiously; pick a pocket and stick with it. Sunscreen bug spray in one pocket, wallet/personal items in another, etc. Clothing layers in another. Again, if you're not sure specifically what to bring with you, check out this post on items to pack in your golf bag.


  • Try to pack up your golf bag the night before your round. This means less pressure the day of.

  • When riding a golf cart, I typically toss tees and 1-2 golf balls in the front of the cart. I also put my cellphone, wallet, chap-stick and sunscreen there too, when possible!

  • Make sure all of your pockets are fully zipped in between holes - whether walking or riding. Golf balls roll, did you know? lol!

  • Never leave your valuables in your car at a golf course! I’ve been told that golf courses are a hot spot for car break-ins.

  • Most golf courses will allow a maximum of 14 clubs / person and while there is no minimum, you will likely be trouble if the ranger catches you sharing clubs. (Me, me! lol!)


Your golf bag can help fly down the course if you're prepared, be less frustrated in challenging situations and just overall feel less lost out there.Remember to..

  • Organize it the night before based on whether you're walking or riding.

  • Pick a pocket and stick with it.

  • And pull out items that you're using regularly if possible.

My first two rounds out on the course, I completely forgot not only where I put everything but I also forgot what I brought with me! lol! So for the next round, I knew I had to create a checklist. Click below if you want a free copy of it!

Before I go, I also want to mention that if you haven't already you should check out this post on the types of golf bags so you can figure out which type of bag will best suit you! There are so many options out there these days and depending how on you like to play, you might feel differently about which bag you go with.

Talk soon,


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