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5 Tips For The Girl Who Wants to Learn to Golf

The truth is that golf can seem terribly complicated and intimidating; so many rules, so much etiquette and so many clubs! Also, listening to people talk about golf can sound like another language: birdies, bogeys, pars, whiffs, clubs, irons, 19th hole?!

Consequently, and understandably, many people (I was one of them!) are too afraid to ask the basic questions to even get started. And as someone who was introduced to golf later in life, I’ve learned that golf doesn’t have to be so daunting!

So, I’ve put together 5 tips that will help you leave uncertainty behind, and get you out on the golf course playing ASAP!

Oh, and this post comes with a checklist to prepare you for the golf course! Click below to get your copy.

Finally, and without further ado, here are my...


1. Your golf swing. First thing is first, you will need a golf swing! (Ha!) Truth be told: your golf swing is all you really need to start playing golf immediately - like tomorrow afternoon. In case you didn’t know, for any club in your bag (minus your putter) you’ll use the exact same swing! So, you should take a few basic golf-swing lessons - online or in-person. PRO TIP: From what I’ve learned, if s/he’s focusing too much on the technical stuff, you’re probably going to find golf impossible! What you need is the 5 fundamentals and a few hacks to get you through them! Sign up here and get access to my golf swing video - for free.

2. Clubs – borrow, or inexpensively buy, the few clubs you’ll need to get going. For the first few months, I used the rental set at the course where my instructor was. And I didn’t take the entire set to go practice, just a few of the clubs. The truth is, you’ll only need knowledge of a few clubs to play an entire course! ... And for the record, similarly, I don’t think that the brand of balls matters either! Just go with something inexpensive, used, or whatever is handed to you! And then get busy practicing! :) Easy - peasy!

My recommendation is work with the clubs below before getting into minor degree shifts of other clubs:

  • Driver: hitting off the tee at the start of each hole. It drives the ball the farthest.

  • 5 Hybrid: for getting the ball to go a bit higher.

  • 8 iron: for getting the ball to go longer.

  • Pitching Wedge/Sand Wedge: to get you out of high(er) grass or sand respectively (a.k.a. rough or beach).

  • Putter: for when you’re on the green.

3. Don’t be afraid to practice, and/or to practice alone. If you want to feel confident, learn to golf, and/or advance your golf game, you’re going to have to practice. So, don’t be afraid to go to the driving range, or a course with driving range/practice green to work on your skills. Literally, 30 minutes a few times a week is all you need to feel like you’ve been playing your whole life. You’ll probably make new friends there as well! :) I didn’t go near a course for the first summer I started to learn the sport (March-August of 2016). I just went to various practice areas. Then, once my friends asked me to play, I felt great about my game! Above all though, try to pick somewhere you’ll feel comfortable, and safe spending your time.

4. Watch the Pros. If not on TV, then take to Instagram and/or YouTube. Social media is a great way to watch a few short slow-motion clips on pros and their swing! And by short, I mean like 10-20 second clips. Short clips will help you see what a golf swing is all about. Plus, what pro-golfers can do out on the course, is absolutely amazing! They can actually put the ball where-ever they want.

5. Drive a golf cart! :) In most cases, if you're playing with someone who is remotely serious about their game, you’ll be walking the course - which is good exercise and can be great fun. But honestly, golf carts are way, way more fun. Even more importantly, I have yet to meet anyone who didn’t love the sport once they spent a few hours’ driving around in one! :)

Did the above list just make you feel excited to go out on the course for the first time? I was SO unprepared for my first round that I created a checklist of all the things I wish I knew so that I fit in with the regulars! If you want a free copy, click below and it'll be sent to you ASAP!


Since you’ve made it this far, something tells me you’re ready for not just learning to golf, but for living the golf lifestyle; sunsets, sunrises, tons of laughs, golf carts rides, fire pits, no shoes, and enjoying summertime living on some of the most beautiful properties in the world.

So, please don't feel intimidated! Just find your swing, and practice. And more importantly, have fun!

The rest can surely wait for another day. :)

...And that is your intro to golf!

Questions? Leave ‘em below! I’m happy to help!

And remember, I'm rooting for you!


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