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8 Reasons Why Women Should Play Golf

For the last 500 years, golf has been regarded as a "boys club".

OK. Maybe that's an exaggeration.

But today, even though I see women on the course, hearing the tidbit that it's a "boys club" for many years myself, definitely made it difficult for even me to want to pick up a club.

With many of my non-golfer female friends, I often hear them reference elements of golf from the "boys club", things like: cursing, drinking too much, smoking cigars, impatience, and competition.

Oof, I get it.

And since I'm always 100% honest with you guys, I'd like to add that what makes me most uncomfortable about the "boys club", and the one I tend to think of first, is a man's ability to oogle. Yikes! Needless to say, its not very gentlemanly.

And my girl friends are right to some extent; I don't want to play with these particular "boys clubs" either because I wouldn't want to experience any of that out on the course myself.

It was only once I started playing that I learned that while it's a lot of men, it certainly isn't only men. There are are lots of women that play! And of course, not all men play golf the way I’ve just described above.

When I think about what it means for me to play this sport and what I enjoy about it, I think of an entirely different list of (wonderful, positive) attributes to golf. One's that I truly believe lots of other women would appreciate too.

So here are my top 8 reasons why I believe that you, and every women out there, should at least try golf.

Oh, and this post comes with a free checklist to help you fit in the regulars out on the golf course! :)


1. Golf is what you want it to be. Alone, or in a group. Quiet and peaceful or loud and rowdy. Fast, or leisurely. Serious or fun. You decide how you want to spend your time on the course, with whom, and when. It's your game and your time.

2. Exercise outdoors. I used to spend a fair about of time at the gym. Like an hour or two a day for a few years, but while I love being healthy, I grew so tried of spending a nice day inside on a treadmill. (Recently, I've felt like that must be the most soul sucking experience there is!) Golf gets me outside in the fresh air for some fat burning (a.k.a. walking)!

3. Space from my cell phone. Everyone's lives are so busy, and we spend some much time trying to keep up with everything that's happening in our social circles, our families and at work. A good portion of this occurs on our call phones. Golf gets me away from that. Phones are typically required to be on silent so the only time I take mine out is to take a fun picture with friends!

4. The regulars in the golf community. Going to the golf course and seeing familiar faces is one of my favorites parts of the sport. I'm not always super chatty, but the quick kind "hellos" and check-ins are a highlight when I first arrive and on my way out.


5. Continuously learning. #nerdalert . All joking aside, I really do love the fact that there's always more to learn. And more to problem-solve when you're playing golf. You rarely play the same shot twice. In other words, it's not a complacent sport, and I love that!

6. Weekly tee time commitment. You book a tee-time and you'll show up for that tee time, on time. Well, unless you live in New England and the weather changes to thunderstorms, of course! :)

7. You compete against yourself. In a world full of competition and "keeping up with the Jones'" golf allows you to focus on yourself. And improving your own abilities, since you really play against par! (If you're not sure what this means, check out this post on scoring in golf.)

8. Perfection doesn't matter, and your "cleverness" counts for double! It seems contradictory, doesn't it? That golf isn't about perfection. I mean, you have to hit a tiny ball with a club. How can you possibly do that if you're technique isn't perfect? Well, because it's really about how clever you can be to get the shot you need/want. Everyone's bodies are different, and therefore, everyone's swings are different. Thus, this sports really rewards how clever you can be; how frequently you can play to your own strengths!


So, in short, even though the list about the "boys club" could probably turn off many women, it certainly doesn't mean that women shouldn't pick up the sport at all! The boys club doesn't have to define or limit our experiences or what we enjoy about this wonderful sport, golf. And as you can see, there's a lot to love!

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