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7 Things You Need To Know About Tiger Woods

“I feel bad for people who aren’t watching golf or {who don’t} understand what’s going on in the game right now. This is unreal.” – Josh Berhow (@Josh_Berhow, Twitter, 3/11/17 – with my edit)

Does this quote resonate with you? Are you outside the loop and aren't sure what's happening in golf right now? Or are you just unsure of why Tiger Woods is such a big deal? Or have you heard bits and pieces but are not sure where to look to get up to speed on Wood's story?

I’ve been there too.

Don't stress though. I recently hopped on the Tiger Woods bandwagon so I can help you out! :)

Before the Valspar Championship in 2018, I had only really watched Tiger Woods play at the Honda Open (a week or so before, I believe it was February 22-25 2018). And while he was clearly an incredible player, so are all the other PGA players; he didn't seem to stand out at all.

To make matters worse, in the more recent years, coverage on Tiger has been more about his marital troubles, health issues, and surgeries, then about his golf game.

So, as a 30-something who is new to golf, I’ve never really had the chance to appreciate his skills or talent in the game of golf. Naturally, this all lead me to wonder: what’s the deal with Tiger Woods anyway? Why is he special? What makes him different?

Well, a few of his golf accomplishments are well worth a recap for any girl who wants to learn golf

7 THINGS YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT TIGER WOODS...as he makes his comeback to the game of golf!

1. Woods spent 281 consecutive weeks at #1. And a total of 683 weeks in that position. Added up all, this means that Tiger Woods was at #1 for 13 years. Roger Federer (pro-tennis player) is the only pro-athlete I’ve found who comes remotely close to this and who spent, I believe, 302 weeks at #1. That's half of Tiger's time. To put this into perspective, Wood’s has been playing professional golf for 23 years, if you count his first ever PGA tour appearance at The Masters at the age of 19. That means for more than half of his career, he’s been at #1 in the world rankings.

2. He’s had at least 4 knee operations, and 3 back surgeries. And way more injuries than I can count - you can actually read the complete list here on the PGA site. Backing up for a minute: if you’re new to golf, typically beginners tend to think that the power in a golf swing comes from your arms and/or legs. But it’s actually comes from core strength and back strength. By far and large, most players hit age 35 and they simply cannot get their swing power (speed) up to where they used to due to back problems or just lack of mobility compared to their younger years. #fathertime. And while knee operations are somewhat common, coming back from 3 back surgeries swinging (wink, wink) like Tiger did, has never actually been done before.

3. He’s 43 years old (as of June 2019). And competing against 20-somethings.


4. He’s STILL setting the standard. In the recent Valspar Championship (2018), his clubhead speed off the tee of the 14th hole, was 129.2 miles/hour – the fastest swing recorded by any pro on the PGA Tour at the start of the season (that's already 3 months in).

5. He holds the record for the most wins by a golfer in their 20s. At 46 wins throughout his 20's. Exceeding Jack Nicklaus by 16 wins.

6. He was the youngest player to win The Masters. At 21 years 3 months and 14 days. The Masters is said to be one of the most special tournaments in golf. Getting noticed at the tournament is considered an amazing start to any player's career - let alone winning it as young as Tiger Woods did.

7. He is said to be the main reason that so many people got into the game of golf. Yes, Woods has been largely credited for an increase in involvement for this generation and the modern golfer. (Arnold Palmer & Jack Nicklaus was credited for this previously their generation and Ben Hogan for the generation before that.) Cool. You get it. He’s a good golfer. ;) But why does all of this actually matter? - you ask?


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Tiger Woods is 43 years old and making a comeback in the game of golf. And again, we're around to watch it! I missed all of these victories in the 90s and early 2000s, and truthfully, I probably wouldn’t have liked him as a person from what I saw outside of the world of golf. But, now. Now we’re in a completely different place, and time with a completely different Tiger Woods. And frankly, the above list was just his stats to date.

I believed his win at the Masters in 2019 is a sign of more to come from Woods. And here we are, with Tiger Woods at 82 wins chasing 83 this season, 2020.

PROP TIP: Google “tiger woods tee time” (or any of your favorite players + tee time) each morning to make sure you catch them. :)

So, if you haven’t been into watching professional golf and you want to learn more about golf, you literally couldn’t have stepped into this game at a better time! Welcome! :)

Talk soon,


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