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6 Myths About Golf - Debunked

To share a secret with you, I used to believe in a few golf myths! I even used a few of them as an excuse not to learn golf altogether.

…Oh, the 29 years I've wasted not playing golf!

But learning this sport, at the request of a boss originally, forced me to face the cold hard facts: a number of the golf related beliefs I used to defend my bias against the sport, aren’t actually true. #toughlove

And, while I will wallow for a moment here in six very common golf myths. I'm also going to take a stab at debunking them! Mainly, in the hope that you'll eventually get out on the course enjoying golf as much as I do.

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Without further ado, here are...


  1. Golf is slow. How many times have we all heard this one? And the truth is, it could be slower. (lol!) Courses actually provide golfers with a tee time because there's a line for people to play the sport. This means you’re timed. Yup, you’re timed at every single hole with 11 minutes/hole, as I've experienced it, as the average. You, and the group you’re with, of course, will have to be a team when it comes to moving the game down the course. Everyone will have to do their part to keep pace of play so everyone behind you can get a round in before the sun goes down. PRO TIP: PGA/LPGA players are actually penalized if they play too slowly!

  2. It’s all men. Well, I’m not going to lie to you all: there A LOT of men. But the truth is that once you starting playing, you will meet more women who play too! That's when you realize, it's certainly not all men. In a study by ChronoGolf on the breakdown of the sexes, shows that 73.5% of golfers are male, leaving just 26.5% as female. But, the part that I find to be exciting about this is that it also means that this sport is still open for women to take their share. How amazing is that? What an exciting time for women on the golf course! And honestly, once you’re out there, on the course, nothing beats warm summer nights with friends in tow!

  3. It’s boring. This sport is a little different than most in that you’re not playing 100% of the time like you would in, say, soccer or basketball. With, we'll say, at least three others playing in your group and 11 minutes/hole, I’m estimating that you’re going be physically playing for maybe 2 minutes of each hole. That means you have 9 minutes for socializing at hole! :) (No wonder so many people speak about the networking opportunities of golf.) So, if you're a people person, or want to be, not only is this the sport for you, but I'm certain that you won't find it boring! It's simply too social of a sport to be dull. But the truth is, each round is what you want it to be: social, competitive, meandering or racing!

  4. It’s stuffy. This might surprise a number of you, but the truth is that it's a really laid back sport. And therefore, not as stuffy as you’d might this. The uptight attributes have all pretty much gone away in light of the modern golfer who prefers to enjoy all of the benefits this sport has to offer instead of just the competition aspect. And it's actually more affordable than you probably realize too. Sure, lessons can be very expensive, but I bet I could dedicate an entire post (1ooo+ words) to the topic of how golf got (and outgrew) it’s reputation of being just for the wealthy. Anyway, in short, in modern golf, your clothes can be funky, drinks are allowed throughout nearly every course, and fire pits, yummy eats, and no shoes can help you close out a round. Sometimes, my friends and I even hit the course again once the sun is down with some night flyers (glow in the dark golf balls). Let’s face fast: it's really not the super serious, incredibly demanding sport that it once was! And I truly believe it can accommodate everyone and anywhere individuals wish to play.

  5. “You need to be a darn good golfer in order to play.” Or “I'm terrible and everyone else has been playing for years.” The truth is that there are very few “good” golfers. And moreover, not a single one of them is “perfect”. Every golfer’s swing, style, clubs, strategy is different. Your swing, style, clubs, strategy are all allow to be different too! I’d also like to add that, your score doesn’t matter! Golf is all about the people. You've probably heard me say this before. So, if we’re being honest here, it really doesn't matter if you're new to golf! Golf is here for you too - get out there and play!

  6. It’s too intimidating to learn. Truth: golf can be super intimidating to learn, but not too intimidating to learn. I've actually found being new at the sport in my late twenties/early thirties to be kind of fun! And if you’re opening to taking a few lessons, you’ll build your confidence so fast that’ll you will quickly forget any intimating factors.


  • Golf is actually a pretty quick pace that luckily for all those socialites out there can involve a fair amount of socializing between playing, if you want it to.

  • It's not all men, and you'll meet a lot more women who play when you start playing yourself.

  • It's a really laid back sport that's not as stuffy, or expensive, as it used to be.

  • Being new to golf can be pretty fun, even though it might seem intimidating at first. Remember: pinning down your golf swing is your first step to building confidence on the golf course.

  • And, most importantly: your score won't matter but how you treat those around you will!


On these golf myths: my wish is that everyone, and more women in-particular, would focus on the benefits and the rewards of golf rather than the hearsay or old-world perspectives! Benefits like: sunshine, friends, drinks, food, golf carts, fire pits, socializing, cute clothes, meeting new people, summer adventures, fresh air, no shoes (occasionally), late nights (occasionally), sunsets, freedom, being at peace, being outside, laughs, mistakes and major wins.....Speaking from experience, you actually gain a lot more than just a new hobby when you play.

And now, I can't wait to get on the golf course this weekend! :)

Talk soon,


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