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6 Golf Terms For The Office

Have you thought about working golf into other aspects of your life – for example, using adding in some golf terms you should use at the office? Frankly, golf terms are really the only sports analogies I know and use…

Because in reality, there’s certainly widely known and accepted that there is a deep connection between golf and work! And that, golf can actually help you create connections that can actually advance your career.

Since there’s nothing quite like getting ahead at work, here is a list of 6 golf terms you should use at the office! I’d be willing to bet that if you use these frequently enough, people will end up asking you about whether you play, and potentially inviting you out on the course! :)

Can you think or a better way to build relationships and foster your career advancement then on the golf course?

*Sigh* I know there’s no where else I’d rather be!

So, here are…


  1. Par for the course. In golf it means to be standard for the course. At work, it means what is normal or expected, not better or worse than.

  2. Scratch. In golf it means to have no handicap, you’re effectively even. At work, it means to be equal.

  3. Tee it up. In golf it means to place the ball on the tee. At work it means to get something started.

  4. Ace! In golf it means a hole in one. At work it means #1!

  5. Fore! In golf “fore!” is shortened from “fore-caddie” which is a warning about oncoming golf galls. At work, it means “heads up”.

  6. Up to par. In golf up to par means standard, even. At work, up to par means an expected level of quality or lack there of (not up to par)


So, you see…

  • Golf can help advance your career!

  • Golf and work belong together because you can work golf into work, and work into golf.

  • And you can develop deeper connections with the people you work with, and carry that from the golf course back into the office or visa versa.

By the way, if you’re interested in learning the #1 Golf Networking Tip you should check out this post! I’m pretty sure that unless someone told me what it was, I would never in a million years have guessed it! :)

And don’t forget your free checklist for when you’re ready to get out there:

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