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5 Snacks For the Golf Course

The biggest mistake I made when I first started playing golf is playing without eating before, and/or without any snacks packed in my golf bag!

And, while I am always looking forward to a dinner of (typically) BBQ Chicken tenders and a salad following a round of golf, truth is, I can't survive a round of golf without snacking on something while I'm playing.

Literally, by just about the third hole, (that's about 30 minutes into a round) my stomach will be growling so loudly that I swear, groups behind me can hear it! To make matters worst it gets difficult for me to focus too.

And although, some courses have beverage carts that do laps for both food and drinks, it's typically not enough food to keep me going! (Haha!)

So, instead of relying on the club cart for fuel, I've started throwing a bunch of snacks in bag for league nights. And, just like with any sport, I’ve found that there are types of food that enhance your game, while others can totally effect your ability to play the game.

When it comes to golf, I've gotten snacks down to a science to help play my best game out there!

Really for it? Let’s go!

Oh, and this post comes with a free checklist, so you can fit in with the regulars!


  1. Bananas. Bananas are really my favorite thing before any workout of any kind. They keep hunger at bay and they give me plenty of energy. I'll eat one before the start of night league! And when I'm practicing, I'll have one right after.

  2. Granola / Trail mix / Nut mix. These three are widely popular from what I've seen on the golf course, and I enjoy all of them from time to time. For the granola and trail mix: I typically make my own, mixing oats, seeds and nuts with chocolate, but of course you can buy this too. It's easy enough to snack on our on the course. Mixed nuts are another popular one, and in case you're more into purchasing, I really like Sahale Snacks All Natural Nut Blends! Honestly, I've never had a nut snack mix from them that I haven't liked. And I also love these Kind Bars !

  3. Think Thin Protein Bars. Think Thin makes some of my favorite bars, and typically I can eat one half and save the other for a few more holes later. The protein definitely helps with energy and just a feeling of fullness. Plus my golf bag doesn't have a cooler in one of the pockets (some do), so I wouldn't trust say a hard-boiled egg in the heat, but these, on the other hand, hold up great!

  4. Plain, non-fat Greek yogurt with frozen blueberries and a hit of Stevia. I'm definitely yogurt lover. The best way to prepare this for the golf course is to put the mix this combination in a thermos. And add in some stevia (or whichever sweetener you prefer) if plain yogurt is too sour for you. If you haven't tried this mix out on the course, but are looking for something tasty, I highly recommend it! PRO TIP: if you're walking and carrying your bag, this will make the weight of the bag a bit heavier. It's best for when you're riding!

  5. Peanut butter (or nutella) sandwich bites. Sometimes with a banana. The peanut butter will give you the a boost of energy with a nice dose of protein to help keep your muscles pumping toward the end of the round. Potassium also helps with this, which you get from bananas. Some will argue that the bread isn't good for you, but I honestly don't mind a balanced diet that includes some carbs.


When you eat which typically depends on where you are at in your round of golf. So, some trial runs are required to figure it out for your body personally.

For me, it's a banana before hand, a Think Thin Protein Bar and then yogurt and blueberries to follow when the hungry comes back.

But, some people prefer to start with some protein and have something lighter when they're just about through. Others like protein throughout a round!...And in some cases, on really busy days, when you say forget to pack a snack altogether, it'll likely be just Ritz Cracker Sandwiches from the beverage cart, until dinner! (Like I said earlier, I've been there many a time! :)

Did the above list just make you feel excited to get out on the course? I was SO unprepared for my first round that I created a checklist so that I fit in with the regulars! If you want a free copy, click below and it'll be sent to you ASAP!


I feel like it would be a horrible misstep not to mention staying hydrated is essentially. Snacks really aren't the only valuable item to keep you going strong during a round of golf; water is key also.

I always pack water mixed with electrolytes. (SmartWater, Vitamin Water, etc.) Recently, I tried Tom Brady's TB12 eletrolytes and I'm in love! It seems pricey for the size, but one bottle actually lasts a long time. And it’s big plus for me is that they don't have a flavor. It sounds strange, but I prefer this so I don't feel like I'm drinking sugar all day long! If you don't mind flavored water you can probably just buy electrolytes at your local grocery store and add it to water when needed. Even during a setting summer sun, water is key to being able to survive a round!


OK. So I know that this isn't directly relevant to your round of golf, but it is a personal belief that no day should go by without dessert! And it's totally part of the summer vibe that comes with golf. :)

So, bring on froyo, sorbet, fresh fruit and/or watermelon with sea salt. Yes, I eat dessert after dinner following a round of golf and typically alongside a glass of wine!

Do you all have any snacks that you prefer for the golf course? I would love to hear about them! - Leave them in the comments below.

Meanwhile, get fueled up and get out there! :)

Talk soon,


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