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4 Reasons Hybrid Clubs are a Girl’s Best Friend on the Golf Course

Aside from having my actual best friend out on the course with me, I’ve decided, fairly recently, that hybrids are my absolute best friend on the golf course! They are magical.

Not sure what a hybrid is? No worries - I’ve got your back!


Hybrids are only 30ish years old - they came along in the 1990s - and they are officially making a traditional iron out of date. Hybrids helps golfers hit the ball higher (rather than longer) and help them hit more accurate shots. They are a combination of the bests characteristics of an iron (it's shaft length) and the best characteristics of a wood (it's head design). It's genius!

And they replace a iron of it's same number value, which is great news for you (me!) as, traditionally Irons were considered the most difficult to hit; meaning that with an iron you actually lack some control over the outcome.

Hybrids have different clubs that they indicate which club they replace - called Conversions. One the side of the club, you'll see their denotation as #H (2H, 5H, 6h, etc). Conversions for women's hybrid golf clubs are:

  • 2H > 18 - 20 Degree > Replaces a 5 Wood/2 Iron

  • 3H > 21 - 23 Degree > Replaces a 7 Wood/3 Iron

  • 4H > 24 - 26 Degree > Replaces a 9 Wood/4 Iron

  • 5H > 27 - 28 Degree > Replaces a 5 Iron

  • 6H > 29 - 31 Degree > Replaces a 6 Iron

Over half the professional players today carry at least one hybrid in their golf bag. And you should consider it too! :)

Oh, by the way, I overheard a joke recently on this topic. When PGA player Francesco Molinari was hitting with his hybrids a spectator commented: "You've got to love the Dad-golf Molinari's playing right now using his hybrids." This is a joke because hybrids are known for being so forgiving. In other words, you don’t need to hit the ball perfectly in order to place the ball where you want it to go.


  1. Can get you out of tricky spots - more easily. Since a hybrid focuses on height they can save you from loads of tricky spots out on the course. I use mine for any small depressions/divots in the ground, and for longer distance pop-ups to get onto the green (also known as chipping – typically, you would use a pitching wedge (PW) for this). They are also the perfect choice for hitting out of rough (a.k.a. high grass). Again, they typically are pulled out when the spot in question focus on height!

  2. Are accurate. They are known for being just as accurate as their iron/wood counter parts because they use on their best features.

  3. Are way more forgiving than their iron/wood counterparts thus allowing for fewer missed hits. Again, this means you don’t actually have to hit the ball perfectly, in order for it to go where you want it to go.

  4. Match irons in terms of distance.

PRO TIP: There is ONE catch with these: you need to double check it against the shaft length in the reset of your set - if you’re purchasing it separately. Many people make the mistake of buying one that is too different in length from the rest of their current irons, and this will actually increase inconsistencies in their swing because simply it'll be too long or too short. (If you did purchase a hybrid without double checking this, you can compensate for this, by placing your hands further up or down the shaft.)

Oh, and don’t forget your free checklist for your next round! This checklist will help you get organized and give you tips on prepping your clubs for a round!


  • Try out a few hybrids at the golf store, and compare them to your current set - with the help of the staff there - before you buy one!

  • When you’re out on the course, grab it whenever you’re on tricky ground with a lot of depressions, caught in the rough or just need more height than length! Remember, the focus on height. And you don’t have to hit the ball perfectly to get it put where you want it to go.

  • They're magical, and with the right fit, they should help improve your game! :)

Good luck and have fun out there! :)

Talk soon,


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