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4 Different Types of Golf Bags - Explained

With all of this talk on your swing, clubs, and the course, who knew that you also have options with your type of golf bag too? – 4 typical options really! Yup! This game has countless variables!

And golf bags can be really trendy with the latest, coolest, lightest bags are annually ranked. In reality, all you need is something that works with how you play, so let’s take a look at which bags might work best for you.


  1. Cart bags / Push cart bags. These bags are designed to be placed into something and essentially carried for you – such as in a golf cart or a push cart. They are the heaviest, of the four, but they have the most amount of storage. So depending on what you’re packing, and if you’re walking or riding, this type could be your best friend, or make golf into a serious workout.

  2. Carry bags. Also known as “Sunday Bags”, carry bags are the lightest weight and are designed for recreational or casual golfers. They have a shoulder strap – sort of like a backpack and are ideal for those who want to walk the course. PRO TIP: for me, the lighter the better, since I typically walk, lugging it around for 2-6 hours.

  3. Stand bags. These are probably the most versatile type of bag. They are usually light, have strap just like carry bags, but they also have push-stand legs. And can fit in a golf cart. This is the ideal bag for those looking to play with lots of different players – walkers and riders!

  4. Tour bags. Also known as “Staff Bags”, tour bags have the maximum amount of storage, pockets and dividers and are made for professional/competitive use. They often include coolers so you can prep the best-of-the-best in snacks! I have to admit this last one makes these really appealing.

PRO TIP: The easiest way to tell the difference between all 4 bags is basically by their size!

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If you’re looking to purchase a beginner set, or just looking to upgrade your old bag my suggestion is to get one that is based on how you want to enjoy the game, so that it’s a bag that will work for you for a long time. How do you know which bag is a good investment for you? Well let’s revisit how you want to play:

  1. Are you planning on playing by yourself? Yes? Then the most cost-effective way to do is to with a stand/carry bag – you won’t have to rent a golf cart or push cart (or buy one).

  2. Do you love seeing every little detail of the course? Walk it! Carry or stand bag is for you!

  3. Are you in this for more exercise? Carry or stand bag. And consider renting (or buying) a push cart (see pro tip below) for a real workout!

  4. Are you playing in a league? If yes, double check with the league coordinator what they prefer to do. Typically, they have stipulations about walking or riding.

  5. Are you planning on going pro? (Good for you!) Then, tour bags are for you!

But if you don’t know the answer to any of these questions – that’s totally OK too! I had no idea about any of these before I started playing. In fact, I use to just borrow the clubs I wanted to play with when practicing and forget the bag altogether. In other words: you’ll learn even more about what you need once you get out there!

If it’s helpful, as you may, I've been playing for four years, and I can say that I prefer to walk when I’m alone (it’s cheaper and I am really there to focus on my game). But, I like to ride when I’m with friends – it’s double the fun! Thus, I have two golf bags; one stand bag and one cart bag. And while I may have loved my cart bag longer, they both have a real piece of my heart.


Push carts are also something you can buy for your bag – if you’re not a rider, but also don’t want to carry you bag/want a workout. Prices range. And similarly to your golf bag they also come with bells and whistles, from cup holders to scorecard boards. I don’t own one, but on the occasion that I’ll be walking with friends, I typically rent one (typically $10/round depending on the course)!

Got your golf bag all sorted now? Ready to get out on the course? I was SO anxious for my first round that I created a checklist so that I fit in with the regulars! If you want a free copy, click below and it’ll be sent to you ASAP!

Happy golfing!


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