Behind Fairway Tee

Since you’re here right now, something tells me that you’re ready to live the golf lifestyle.

Perhaps loosing track of the hours out on the course with close ones through sunsets, sunrises, tons of laughs, golf carts rides, fire pits, no shoes, and enjoying summertime living. Or even up-leveling your game to play with bosses, colleagues, or even strangers.

The gist is this: you’re ready to learn to golf, meet new people, and spend time on some of the most beautiful properties in the world.

But maybe you…

  • Aren’t sure how to get started or have taken a few lessons but need help up leveling your game.

  • Are without the cash or contacts you thought you needed in order to learn and play the game.

  • Have no friends that play. (I’ve been there!)

  • Think that this sport is intimidating to learn and therefore to play. (I’ve been here too!)

Trust me friend, you’re in the right place now!

Learning to Golf

Traditionally, there are a few ways to learn to golf:

  1. Grandpa.

  2. A significant other.

  3. Or expensive lessons starting around $100/hour and typically bought in packages.


And, if you’ve decided that one of those isn’t a good fit for you, it’s not uncommon to wonder: it even possible for me learn to play golf?


The answer is YES!


Yes, you can!


So by now, you’ve probably gathered that this isn’t your traditional golf perspective and, I’m not your typical golfer. :)


What I Believe


I have a few core golf beliefs!


Beliefs that could potentially make a few conventional golfers shake their heads in skepticism; while making others have day dreams of playing the sport right now!


I believe that…

  • You do not need to be a perfect golfer or an expert in order to play! But you do need the foundations of this sport in order to feel prepared and confident.

  • Golf is 100% for you! Because golf is for everyone. 

  • Golf is about the people! And you’ll remember the times you spent laughing out on the course with your close ones, and the warm summer days, more than you’ll remember your scores, so nothing matters more than (respectfully) having fun out there!

  • You should always play the tees that make you the happiest. And skip the rest if you’d like.


So pretty much, it’s time to enjoy your new hobby: golf.


And I’m here to help you do just that! :)


Hey there! I’m Florence! 


And I was the last in my family to learn how to swing a golf club! (lol!)


My grandpa was an avid player and my dad was often his caddie.


My mom learned to play at a young age and still enjoys it today.


Both of my brothers grew up playing with their friends, and my sister was a caption of the girls’ golf team in high school.

So, I was the ugly duckling of the group until I was 29.


How did this become my life?


The truth is that I only learned the sport because I had several bosses ask me to – company golf leagues are a real thing, did you know? (lol!) But following just a summer of casually practicing, I formed a small but incredibly fun women’s golf league consisting of mostly laughs on laughs in the summer sun and concluding with wine around a fire-pit. I was extremely sad to let summer go after all the fun I discovered out on the course.


Then after attending TPC – Boston’s Dell Technologies PGA Tournament, on Labor Day weekend (2017), I decided that I’m actually in love with this sport! :) And that it would be a crime not to share my love of the game with a larger audience.


Today, I’m obsessed with teaching women golf. So they too can enjoy all of the amazing benefits of this sport and the lifestyle of golf.


And now I want to help you get started in golf so you can get out on the golf course and enjoy the freedom it brings!

Through online courses, free webinars, a Facebook community, and more. I’m teeing up:

  • All the learnings you need to get playing this sport and/or to up level your game!

  • The confidence to get out there any play!

  • A healthy, thriving, positive, digital golf community!


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And thank you for being here to share in this lovely game of with me!


I genuinely appreciate it.


And I’m genuinely rooting for you! :)